Although the cross-border marketing model for Prada

Although the cross-border marketing model for Prada brought the reputation and status of the world’s top luxury brands. But the face of the economic slowdown and the general anti-corruption action after the Chinese leadership as the luxury goods industry background, Prada also not immune. In Prada recently released 2013 first quarter earnings report, as of the end of April 2013, sales of 772.6 million euros, at constant exchange rates increased by 16%. However, compared with the first quarter earnings have been significantly slowed down.

The vast majority of contributions as a performance by its directly managed retail channels to achieve Prada, the expansion of the number of stores is very important. Earlier this year, Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli has said that “in 2013 we will continue to focus on expansion of global retail network,” and this year, planning to open 70-80 stores, of which China 10-12.

“Whenever a new shop assessment, the following factors be considered within the scope of the necessary Prada: According considering buildings and consumer types, assess siting malls, department stores, hotels or street quality, space size, Prada Prada seek to create ‘overall visual effect of’ large space (including men and women shoes, accessories). “Prada Asia Pacific CEO Sebastian Suhl once said to the media that.

But the data showed a profit is not optimistic, Prada store expansion is slowing down has become a clear trend. According to the survey, from January 31 to April 30 Prada in mainland China does not open a shop. Asia-Pacific region four new franchise stores were located in Korea, Singapore and China Taiwan region. April net increase of only a shop, the total number of outlets to reach 462. Patrizio Bertelli told the media that, “In the future we will focus on the Middle East and South America and the United States department store.” But the reporter on this call Prada Shanghai Corporation China public relations manager, it represents the second half of Prada in China is still in Shanghai and two third-tier cities have a store opening program, specific location is still being further defined.

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